Are you making these simple launch mistakes?

Do you have something brewing inside that you know needs to be launched into the world ... and soon? 

As entrepreneurs, our entire business is built upon serving the needs of others and one of the best ways to do that is through a training program, informational product, or personalized service. 

Even if you are just looking to book your services out a few months so you can focus on serving clients instead of marketing (and finally avoid the cash flow roller coaster), dedicating a specific period of time to promote one offer to your community is the fasted way to grow your business and connect with your audience.

After working with dozens of first- and second-time launchers, I've noticed three places they all stumble:

MISTAKE #1: Not clearly being able to define and describe their offer in a way that creates excitement AND clarity in their audience.
If you can't explain what your product does or what results someone can expect after going through your program, then chances are no one is going to have the confidence in what you are selling to invest. You have to know your offer completely - inside and out and upside down. Not just what is in each module, but how will it be delivered and what outcome can participants expect. It is so much more than coming up with a few bullet points and a weak promise.

MISTAKE #2: Not having a plan before going into the launch AND/OR not sticking to the plan when things get panicky. 
Having a launch is essential for your success and your sanity, but it doesn't do you any good when you don't trust the path you've laid out. Sure there will be times when you have to go outside the plan, but that should be based on clear feedback and not what you see other people doing in their launch.

MISTAKE #3: Not having a support team in place before, during, and after your launch. 
Here's the thing - you can't launch alone, but that doesn't mean you have to hire a strategist, copywriter, project manager, VA, Facebook Ads person, ... If you can hire professional support with launch experience, that is great. But if that isn't within reach, at least find a group of people you can brainstorm ideas with, who will listen to your frustrations, and who will celebrate your wins. 

So, how can you avoid these three launch mistakes?

Get to know your ideal clients very well. You should know everything about them: pain points, desires, challenges, frustrations, hopes, goals, dreams, ... If you can't answer these questions, interview those you believe are your ideal clients. Ask past dreamy clients. Get clear about who they are, where they are in their process of transforming, and what will motivate them to take action.

Understand every small detail of your program/product/solution. This is less about the WHAT you are offering (the features like the number of training videos or how long the calls are), but more about how each thing you offer moves them closer to their desired outcome. What will you cover in each module and how will they be able to use that in their own transformation? How will you deliver the information? What do you want them to do with the information? What happens if they don't do what you need them to do? What happens if they get behind? How will you keep them engaged?

Create a plan and start much earlier than expected. Keep an eye on growing your list and increasing engagement within your online communities. If you are introducing a new concept or process, then start laying the foundation for that information before the launch date. Warm people up to receive your content and encourage the desired action you want them to take during your launch. Make sure your plan includes plenty of opportunities for people to get to know you and your work, and that it is based on creating a transformational experience - whether they say yes to your offer or not.

Remember, launches should so powerfully serve your community that they are changed forever. Serve them that deeply, that powerfully now - not just after they give you money.


Get more support than you think you need. Find an accountability partner or group to keep you honest and on track. Book time with your favorite massage therapist and other ways you like to pamper yourself. Take a weekend away to focus only on your launch without all the wonderful distractions of life. Hire a copywriter, virtual assistant, and/or project manager that specializes in launches. Find a graphic designer, social media manager, online community manager, and/or Facebook Ads expert to execute your plan. If you can't afford to hire anyone, look at joining group programs (like Launch Circles) that walk you through the launch without having to spend a ton of money.

Finally, know this: I believe in you. You can do this. You aren't alone. I am so proud of you.