Is your launch story inspirational or (gasp) forgettable?

Think about your launch as a movie script. What would the main plot point be? Who is the hero? What is is her journey? What obstacles does she face and eventually overcome?

It may sound weird to treat your launch like this, but, if you think about it, you want the same outcome. For potential viewers to actually show up and watch the movie.

For your launch, you want people to take action by purchasing or enrolling or clicking.

But in order for someone to take action, they have to be moved and inspired and feel enough pain/discomfort that they don’t want to stay where they are right now.

That is where your launch story comes in. You see, decisions are emotional, not logical.


Think about the last time you were at checkout line at the grocery store. Did you need that $3 lip balm? Probably not, but it was there and your lips felt dry and this was your last chance to save your lips and OMG if you don’t buy it know your lips will fall off so you must no matter the cost.

With so much pressure to get your launch story right, where do you start?

Here are some tips to help you create an inspirational launch story:

1. Make it personal. Your launch story should not only introduce you – your philosophy, your WHY, your desires, your systems, your approach, your point-of-view – but also connect to your audience in a way that they can see themselves in the story. They can relate to what you are saying and see themselves as the main character (it’s as if you are talking directly to them – about them).

2. Make it emotional. It is vital that your clients feel something when they read your emails and sales page. They need to know, at the gut level, that this is something they need to do something about and that your product/program will help them get to where they want to go.

3. Make it impactful. Your launch is not the time to play is safe, be neutral, or be boring. Nope. It is time to speak out and be heard. Your clients need you to take a stand for them. Do it. Be bold. Be loud. Be lovingly aggressive. Do you want them to stay stuck? To struggle? To not live their best life? Then stop holding back.

4. Connect with their deepest fears, most pressing challenges, 3 am wake up thoughts. Yes, you need to “go there”. Most people run from fear before running towards pleasure. I think it is the “fight or flight” part of our DNA. It is easier to allow myself to stop losing clients that to have $10K months. Focus on the fear but…

5. Help them imagine a new way of being. You can’t be all gloom and doom. That wouldn’t work very well. You have to also get them thinking and feeling into a new way of doing things. That’s why when you realtors ask potential home buyers if they can imagine living in the house. Can you picture cooking in this kitchen? What games would the kids play in this beautiful backyard? How would your bed look in this room? Wouldn’t it be nice to end a busy week by relaxing in this soaking tub? Paint a picture for your clients so they want it so badly that not having it is not an option.

6. Spark curiosity so they keep coming back. Think of your launch as a soap opera, with different story lines and plots so that your audience actually wants to read your next email, shows up live on your training calls, responds to your social media posts, and shares what you are doing. Make it an event, not just a sales pitch.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you create your launch story for memorable and inspirational messaging. There’s no way anyone is going to forget what you are selling.





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