Launch Services

Launches. Nothing strikes fear in the heart of entrepreneurs like the idea of pouring your heart and soul (and blood, sweat, and tears) into a program and then presenting it to the world for everyone to experience.

Will they like it? Will they buy it? Will they laugh at me? Will they think I am fraud? If I build it, will they come? More importantly, will they pay me for it?

And how in the world am I supposed to support my current clients AND launch my program?

So many questions. So many decisions. It can be paralyzing. And take up so much time and energy.

What if you went into your next launch with all of the questions answered?

What if you had a solid strategy that was based on your strengths, your personality, your resources, your budget, your goals, and your desires?

What if you had someone you could turn to when you get stuck? When you have those freak out moments (it happens to everyone)? When you run into problems or when things just aren’t going as planned?

What if you had someone you can count on like a trusted advisor, a strategy coach, a loving mentor, and a good friend who knows exactly what you need to do to launch with ease?

  • If you’ve launched before and didn’t quite get the results you wanted…

  • If you are already feeling stressed and overwhelmed in your business and can’t imagine taking on such a huge project (like a launch) without additional support…

  • If you know you want this launch to feel more expansive, more rewarding, more energizing, and more fun…

Then this package is specifically designed for you.

Strategy = a plan of action designed to meet a major goal.
Plan = the method of acting, doing, proceeding, making, etc., developed in advance.

Strategy without a plan = nothing gets done, nothing is achieved.
Plan without a strategy = a lot gets done, nothing is achieved.

Strategy + Plan = Calm x Confident x Success

That’s the launch you deserve.

Forget the idea that launches have to feel overwhelming, stressful, rushed, chaotic, and hard.

Go into your next launch with complete confidence that you have it all under control. That you and your team know what to do and when. That you are fully supported and well resourced to reach your goals (and then some). And that you have someone you can turn to if/when things go off track.

Best of all, go into your next launch with a sense of ease and excitement.

Launch with Clarity: Launch Messaging & Copywriting

Story/Copy Strategy + Message Map

“Fitting in is no way to stand out.”

Messaging is about more than a tagline and elevator speech. It more than your ideal client avatar and dream testimonial.

It’s what your ideal clients remember about who you are.

It’s what your ideal clients remember about how you make them feel.

It’s what your ideal clients believe you can do for them.

It’s what inspires and persuades your ideal clients to take action and become paying clients.

If you are trying to launch without having a strong clear powerful voice, your message is going to get lost in all of the noise and create confusion or worse, indifference.

So, why is messaging so important?

Because your authentic voice is your best marketing tool.