The outrage of fake scarcity

You’ve seen it before. Someone is in full-on launch mode. I mean, they have the 4-part video training series. They have the live webinar, encore webinar, follow-up Q&A webinar. They have the emails – so many emails. And the time comes to close the cart.

And then you get this email…

Boy, we had no idea how popular this program would be. So popular our servers crashed just as the cart was closing. So many of you asked, no begged, to get in that we have decided to open the cart back up for the next 3 days to give everyone a chance to join. 3 days but that’s it. This is you last chance. Don’t miss out. All the cool kids are doing it.

(Okay. That last part probably wasn’t part of the email).

Scarcity and urgency are two of the most powerful strategies you can use to move people to take a desired action. But you have to be careful to not take it too far.

People can smell bullshit a mile away, and when online marketers continue to engage in this sleazy practice, it makes us all look very bad. And it causes quite the outrage in Facebook Groups (trust me on this one).

So, what happens when your launch isn’t going as planned and you really want/need to open the cart back up to allow more time for people to enroll?

Here are some ideas to work from if/when you find yourself in that situation.

1. Try being honest with your tribe. Without sounding desperate or needy, let them know that you made a mistake or that you wanted more people in the program. Share why you want to open the cart back up and for how long.

2. Reach out to those that showed interest and schedule a personal call with them. This is good for a couple of reasons: first, you can address their exact challenges and ask them to join you, and second, you can find out what is missing from your sales effort that made them not want to join the first go around.

3. Offer either a more personalized program or a stripped down program, depending upon the feedback you’ve received on your private calls.

4. Open it back up to a select part of your tribe.

Whatever you do, don’t lie. It’s sleazy and icky, makes you look bad, and pisses off your prospects and your clients.

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