The power of good sales copy

I wanted to share with you what happens when you absolutely NAIL your sales page copy.

I worked on this copy with a client (and my dear friend and mentor and coach) for more than 5 hours. We went over every single word, every single description, every section, and every button. We even changed up the layout (moving a section from the top to the bottom) after the first registration email went out because we weren’t seeing the conversion we expected (or wanted).

My client went into the program Facebook group and asked why they decided to enroll in the program. Here are some actual quotes from people that signed up for the program.

“The really interesting thing is that a friend wanted me to look at your sales page because she liked the language and the conversational tone of the copy. By the time I got to the part about being worried about having to get a job, I was sold, cuz I felt like you really understood the dilemma! I’d been following someone else’s money manifestation page but never felt the urge to buy, cuz she didn’t seem to have any more of a clue about how manifestation works than I did. Oh! And the bonuses…I think that was the tipping point. Funnily enough, when I told my friend I bought in, she told me she had too!”

“Your words were like the conversation I was talking about to my friend the day before. It felt like you were in my head. I just knew I had to sign up so I can help others all over the world.”

“Reading the sales page for the course was like reading a personalised letter that a divine friend may have intended for me. I couldn’t resist! The words rang so true for my current situation, I need to get to the bottom of the stop/start/stop money flow issue.”

This is what happens when you…

1. Know your ideal clients inside and out.

Like, really really understand their fears and desires and how they speak. This only comes from actually talking to them – a lot of them, and listening to how they describe their pain points and challenges, their hopes and dreams.

2. Know your messaging.

This client knows exactly how to describe her business and it is very branded around one particular word (divine) and a very specific look and feel. Everything we do has to honor her message.

3. Know your product.

You have to get super clear about what your product, program, or service will do for your customers. I mean, really know the results and benefits. People don’t care if it is six 1-hour calls or 10 DVDs or a 25-page customizable planner. That is the equivalent of the color of a car or if the interior has heated leather seats or not. What really matters is what is under the hood – what are you promising them? What challenges will you meet? How will you serve them and bring them the results they want? You have to know that before anything else can happen.

The rest of the sales page – the technical part with the layout, color of buttons, and images – should really supplement and support your copy.

Because no matter how pretty your sales page is, if it doesn’t connect with your clients, if it doesn’t propel them into action, if it doesn’t make them believe you can help them, then it won’t bring you the success you want.

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