What to do when things aren’t going as planned

There comes a point in ever launch where the hours of planning, the intense strategy sessions, the massive to-do list goes out the window and everything you've done to make your launch a huge success feels like it's slipping out of your hands.

Relax. It is totally normal.

Really. So much of a launch in based in the masculine energy of metrics, analytics, planning, action, and doing. And the process of launching is inherently linear and logical and assertive.

But what do you do when what you are doing isn't working?

You let go.

Let go of the deadlines (Just for a moment. Breath, it's okay.)

Let go of the goals.

Let go of the to-do list.

Let go of the should-dos and must-dos and have-tos.

Let go of the stress, frustration, guilt, comparison, competition, judgement.

You release what was and create space for what will be.

You graciously step into the place of acceptance, peace, expansion, desire, and magic.

You embrace all that is beautiful with the situation and see it for what it truly is...

A sign to shift and align.

Shift into the power of feminine energy.

Align with your truest desires for how you want to serve and to whom you want to serve.

You create space for dreaming, room for playing, and time for being.

You focus on self care, connecting with others, remembering your WHY.

You surrender, receive, and allow for flow.

You ask for support. You listen to your intuition. You feel into abundance.

You trust.

And then, you re-evaluate the plan and make adjustments.

Move forward.

With ease.