What to do instead of launching

What to do instead of launching - Launch With Ease
I’ve talked to so many coaches who have said it doesn’t really feel good to launch anything right now. I get that. We should all be focused on taking care of ourselves and protecting the health and wellbeing of our family, neighbors, and healthcare workers.
While this might not be time to go into full launch mode, it is the perfect opportunity to grow your audience thoughtfully and connect more deeply with your community.
Here are a few ideas for how to spend the next few weeks/months preparing for the amazing launch you are going to have when the time feels right.
1. Offer a new training/service that addresses the immediate needs of your community and/or ideal clients.
If you are a mindfulness coach, what can you create or offer to help people manage these stressful times? If you are a health coach, is there something you can share to help boost our immune systems or curb anxiety? If you are a business coach, is there some wisdom you can share about prospecting, sales, financials, or marketing that could help your people feel more in control of their business?
2. Get to know your community members.
What can you do to take your relationship to a more personal level? Can you hold Zoom coffee dates or virtual lunches? One group I am in is planning to do virtual group family dinners so we can spend a few minutes together each day.
3. Shore up your systems.
If you find yourself with a bit more time, why not take a look at where you have gaps in your systems and fix those gaps now before you launch so things run more smoothly later. Look at your marketing, prospecting, sales, customer service, referral, financial/accounting, team, onboarding, … systems and if you don’t have a structure in place, take time to create it.
4. Conduct market research.
This is a great time to reach out to past prospects, past clients, and current clients to ask questions about their needs and why those chose (or didn’t choose) to work with you. This can be through a survey or phone interviews. You can do it yourself, have a team member conduct the interviews, or outsource it.
5. Test your product with a beta group.
If you are launching a new product/service, you could offer to take a small group through the program to see how it works, what results they achieve, where there might be places for improvement, test backend systems, and get testimonials.
6. Be a voice of reason, compassion, trust, and hope.
Your community is looking to you to lead the way through this epidemic. How you show up says a lot about who you are and what you are willing to do when things get tough. Think about how you want to make your people feel and what you want them to think about you.
I am sure this isn’t close to being an exhaustive list, but it should get your ideas flowing and, hopefully, ease your fears about not launching and how to prepare for when we make it to the other side.
We are all in this together. I love you.