You don’t have to follow the “gurus”

I recently had a conversation with a friend who had just dived back into the entrepreneurial pool after being out of the industry for a few years. I was excited to catch up on what she is working on and, in particular, who she is working with.

See, I could tell something was off when I started seeing her pop in my Facebook News Feed and my email inbox. The way she talked about her business, the live webinar with no replay, the semi-aggressive emails that felt scripted and forced. Those just aren’t her. No where close.

So, when I learned she was coaching with one of those marketing “gurus”, it all made sense. The 6-figure tagline. The constant posting in Facebook Groups. The focus on business instead of what she is brilliant at – mindset. All trademark guru coaching tactics.

And you know what. It feels icky. And it sucks.

Yes, it may work. But is it worth having a business that is successful if it isn’t you?

Are you okay with selling out your soul to have a business that looks like everyone else’s?


At this point I can look at someone’s business and tell you exactly who they are coaching with. It shouldn’t be that way. Same thing with launches. I can pretty accurately guess every step of most launches because everyone seems to be using the same playbook.

I totally get that if it is already proven to work, then why not utilize it? No need to reinvent the wheel?

But what if your business is a unicycle? Or a horse? Or a roller derby? What good will that guru wheel do for you?

My advice is this:

Learn the basics from the gurus. Learn enough to create a solid foundation. Learn how to engage and cultivate clients, attract and convert prospects, create solid content, and manage the financial side of your business. And then get out.

Learn enough to know which rules you can and should break to make your business (and your launch) your own.

Because people want what only you can offer.

Be in service to your clients and your message. Not your guru.

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