Your launch isn’t over when the cart closes

The last application has been reviewed. The last sales call has been completed. The last promo email has been sent. And the cart has closed.

Launch over. Right?

Nope. Not even close.

If you think that you can shut the books on your launch once the cart shuts down, then you are leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table.



You want to have a strategic follow up plan for each of these areas:

1. People that said yes, went through the entire sales process, but never made payment.

2. People that said yes, but never made it through the entire sales process.

3. People that entered the sales funnel but that’s it.

4. People that showed interested in your program or product, but took no further action.

For people that said yes, but didn’t make it to the end, ask yourself these questions:

* What it is that was really keeping them from saying YES?
* What excuses did they give?
* What is really behind that excuse? If it is money, is there a different payment plan that you can offer, a lower-cost program, or some other way to work with you?

For example, if you are selling a 6-month group coaching program for $3,000 and you have heard the excuses of money and/or not sure I am ready for this and/or I don’t know if this will work for me, then can you offer them a longer payment plan, a partial trade/cash exchange, or included additional bonuses? Maybe you can offer part of your program at a lower rate to help them see that they can do it and that this is exactly what they need?

(Make sure you are negotiating out of care and love for them, not desperation for your bottom line. If you approach it as “I need you to pay me” instead of “I want to serve and support you”, then they will feel the inauthenticity and ickyness).

For people who showed interest but didn’t take action, ask yourself these questions:

* What other area of that topic can you offer them at a lower price point and/or involvement level?
* Is there a pre-step to your program that you can offer? For example, if you were launching a program for new coaches that are leaving the corporate world, can you offer a class about deciding on a business idea or lays out exactly what you need to have in place before leaving your job? Think about what they have to know, believe, and do in order to move into your top program and offer them steps to get to that point.

There are a lot of ways you can continue to engage and support your audience after a launch.

And like I always say, you are always in launch mode. Stop leaving money on the table and connect with your tribe every day – not just during your launch.

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